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Bensen is a new design and manufacturing group founded by Danish designer Niels Bendtsen (founder of Bensen, Canada) and Paolo Chiarot (former co-owner and director of Horm Srl).

The collections have a restrained, refined and timeless aesthetic appeal, combining Scandinavian modernism and simplicity with an Italian sense of elegance. Sophisticated and elegantly detailed, the pieces can be used in a wide range of environments and applications.

  1. Bensen Able Bench
    Bensen Able Bench
  2. Bensen Around Side Table
    Bensen Around Side Table
  3. Bensen Canyon Chair
    Bensen Canyon Chair
  4. Bensen Canyon Ottoman
    Bensen Canyon Ottoman
  5. Bensen Canyon Sofa
    Bensen Canyon Sofa
  6. Bensen Delta Club Chair
    Bensen Delta Club Chair
  7. Bensen Delta Sofa
    Bensen Delta Sofa
  8. Bensen Edward Sofa
    Bensen Edward Sofa
  9. Bensen Elle Sofa
    Bensen Elle Sofa
  10. Bensen Entree Mirror
    Bensen Entree Mirror
  11. Bensen Homework Desk
    Bensen Homework Desk
  12. Bensen Ile Bench
    Bensen Ile Bench
  13. Bensen Lean Mirror
    Bensen Lean Mirror
  14. Bensen Lite Armchair
    Bensen Lite Armchair
  15. Bensen Lo-Turn Chair
    Bensen Lo-Turn Chair
  16. Bensen Loft Sofa
    Bensen Loft Sofa
  17. Bensen Lotus Chair
    Bensen Lotus Chair
  18. Bensen Metro Chair
    Bensen Metro Chair
  19. Bensen Morgan Sofa
    Bensen Morgan Sofa
  20. Bensen Park Lounge Chair
    Bensen Park Lounge Chair
  21. Bensen Pub Chair
    Bensen Pub Chair
  22. Bensen Radius Table
    Bensen Radius Table
  23. Bensen Reflect Coffee Table
    Bensen Reflect Coffee Table
  24. Bensen Sleeper Sofa Bed
    Bensen Sleeper Sofa Bed
  25. Bensen Stax Chair
    Bensen Stax Chair
  26. Bensen Torii Chair
    Bensen Torii Chair
  27. Bensen Torii Stool
    Bensen Torii Stool
  28. Bensen U Sofa
    Bensen U Sofa