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Brokis produces exclusive glass lighting inspired by the old Bohemian glassblowing tradition. Its original lighting collections are designed by world-renowned Czech and international artists and have won numerous awards in prestigious design competitions both at home and abroad.
  1. Brokis Awa Large Pendant
    Brokis Awa Large Pendant
  2. Brokis Awa Small Pendant
    Brokis Awa Small Pendant
  3. Brokis Balloons Table Lamp
    Brokis Balloons Table Lamp
  4. Brokis Ivy Floor Lamp
    Brokis Ivy Floor Lamp
  5. Brokis Ivy Table Lamp
    Brokis Ivy Table Lamp
  6. Brokis Knot Pendant
    Brokis Knot Pendant
  7. Brokis Lightline Table Lamp
    Brokis Lightline Table Lamp
  8. Brokis Macaron Lamp
    Brokis Macaron Lamp
  9. Brokis Memory Ceiling Lamp
    Brokis Memory Ceiling Lamp
  10. Brokis Memory Wall Lamp
    Brokis Memory Wall Lamp
  11. Brokis Mona Floor Lamp
    Brokis Mona Floor Lamp
  12. Brokis Mona Mini Table Lamp
    Brokis Mona Mini Table Lamp
  13. Brokis Mona Pendant
    Brokis Mona Pendant
  14. Brokis Mona Wall Lamp
    Brokis Mona Wall Lamp
  15. Brokis Muffins Wood Floor Lamp
    Brokis Muffins Wood Floor Lamp
  16. Brokis Muffins Wood Pendant
    Brokis Muffins Wood Pendant
  17. Brokis Shadows Pendant 19cm
    Brokis Shadows Pendant 19cm
  18. Brokis Shadows Pendant 25cm
    Brokis Shadows Pendant 25cm
  19. Brokis Shadows Pendant 28cm
    Brokis Shadows Pendant 28cm
  20. Brokis Whistle Pendant
    Brokis Whistle Pendant