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Founded in 1968, the Italian company Driade produces pieces of furniture to suit every lifestyle requirement. Over the years it has collaborated with designers including Philippe Starck, John Pawson, Ross Lovegrove and Naoto Fukasawa. 

  1. Driade Meridiana Chair
    Driade Meridiana Chair
  2. Driade Nemo Armchair
    Driade Nemo Armchair
  3. Driade Piaffe Coffee Table
    Driade Piaffe Coffee Table
  4. Driade PIP-e Chair
    Driade PIP-e Chair
  5. Driade Plie Armchair
    Driade Plie Armchair
  6. Driade Plie Sofa
    Driade Plie Sofa
  7. Driade Soft Egg Chair
    Driade Soft Egg Chair
  8. Driade Sunrise Sofa
    Driade Sunrise Sofa
  9. Driade Sunrise Table
    Driade Sunrise Table
  10. Driade Tokyo Pop Armchair
    Driade Tokyo Pop Armchair
  11. Driade Tokyo Pop Daybed
    Driade Tokyo Pop Daybed
  12. Driade Tokyo Pop High Stool
    Driade Tokyo Pop High Stool
  13. Driade Tokyo Pop High Table
    Driade Tokyo Pop High Table
  14. Driade Tokyo-Pop Sofa
    Driade Tokyo-Pop Sofa