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Kartell is synonymous with pushing the boundaries of furniture design. Colour, irony, and unique forms all contribute to Kartell's well recognisable brand image.
Over the years some of the most prolific designers have produced work for Kartell including Philippe Starck, Christophe Pillet and the lighting maestro Ferruccio Laviani.

  1. Kartell Bellissima Pendant
    Kartell Bellissima Pendant
  2. Kartell Bubble Club Sofa
    Kartell Bubble Club Sofa
  3. Kartell Audrey Shiny Chair
    Kartell Audrey Shiny Chair
  4. Kartell Venice Chair
    Kartell Venice Chair
  5. Kartell Big FL/Y Pendant
    Kartell Big FL/Y Pendant
  6. Kartell Pilastro Stool
    Kartell Pilastro Stool
  7. Kartell Colonna Stool
    Kartell Colonna Stool
  8. Kartell Piuma Chair
    Kartell Piuma Chair
  9. Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp
    Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp
  10. Kartell Generic C Chair
    Kartell Generic C Chair
  11. Kartell Generic A Chair
    Kartell Generic A Chair
  12. Kartell Flip Trolley
    Kartell Flip Trolley
  13. Kartell Waste Basket
    Kartell Waste Basket
  14. Kartell Masters Stool
    Kartell Masters Stool
  15. Kartell Big Bloom Pendant
    Kartell Big Bloom Pendant
  16. Kartell Only Me Mirror
    Kartell Only Me Mirror
  17. Kartell Neutra Pendant
    Kartell Neutra Pendant
  18. Kartell E Wall & Pendant
    Kartell E Wall & Pendant
  19. Kartell Componibili
    Kartell Componibili
  20. Kartell Matelasse Vase
    Kartell Matelasse Vase
  21. Kartell Gastone Trolley
    Kartell Gastone Trolley
  22. Kartell Battista Trolley
    Kartell Battista Trolley
  23. Kartell Four Table
    Kartell Four Table