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Knoll is regarded as one of the greatest American furniture brands, specialising in the production of seating, tables, desks and office systems. Founded in New York in 1938 by Hans Knoll, the company has produced some of the most famous and iconic furniture designs of the 20th century.

  1. Knoll 1966 Adjustable Chaise
    Knoll 1966 Adjustable Chaise
  2. Knoll 1966 Coffee Table
    Knoll 1966 Coffee Table
  3. Knoll 1966 Dining Chair
    Knoll 1966 Dining Chair
  4. Knoll 1966 Dining Table Square
    Knoll 1966 Dining Table Square
  5. Knoll Albini Desk
    Knoll Albini Desk
  6. Knoll Barcelona Chair
    Knoll Barcelona Chair
  7. Knoll Barcelona Daybed
    Knoll Barcelona Daybed
  8. Knoll Barcelona Table
    Knoll Barcelona Table
  9. Knoll Bertoia Bird Chair
    Knoll Bertoia Bird Chair
  10. Knoll Bertoia Diamond Armchair
    Knoll Bertoia Diamond Armchair
  11. Knoll Bertoia Outdoor Bench
    Knoll Bertoia Outdoor Bench
  12. Knoll Florence Dining Table
    Knoll Florence Dining Table
  13. Knoll Girard Table
    Knoll Girard Table
  14. Knoll Krusin Coffee Table
    Knoll Krusin Coffee Table
  15. Knoll Krusin End Table
    Knoll Krusin End Table
  16. Knoll Krusin Side Chair
    Knoll Krusin Side Chair
  17. Knoll Laccio Coffee Table
    Knoll Laccio Coffee Table