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Founded in 2006, Mater is a Danish design brand with a strong vision to create timeless and beautiful designs based on an ethical business strategy. Mater combines exclusive high end design with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment.

  1. Mater Accent Dining Table
    Mater Accent Dining Table
  2. Mater Accent Oval Lounge Table
    Mater Accent Oval Lounge Table
  3. Mater Baby Dome Table Lamp
    Mater Baby Dome Table Lamp
  4. Mater Earth Bar Stool
    Mater Earth Bar Stool
  5. Mater Liuku Pendant
    Mater Liuku Pendant
  6. Mater Nestor Chair
    Mater Nestor Chair
  7. Mater Ocean Chair
    Mater Ocean Chair
  8. Mater Ray Floor Lamp
    Mater Ray Floor Lamp
  9. Mater Ray Table Lamp
    Mater Ray Table Lamp
  10. Mater Ray Wall Lamp
    Mater Ray Wall Lamp
  11. Mater Terho Pendant
    Mater Terho Pendant
  12. Mater Winston Bench
    Mater Winston Bench