Molteni creates unique furnishings that truly represent the Made in Italy design. The initial small, family-run business soon became an industrial company famous for its design furniture: beds, sofas, tables, chairs and more. Illustrious designers who have collaborated with the brand include Gio Ponti, Rodolfo Dordoni, Patricia Urquiola and Ferruccio Laviani.


  1. Gio Ponti Bookcase
    Gio Ponti Bookcase

  2. Gio Ponti D.153.1 Armchair
    Gio Ponti D.153.1 Armchair

  3. Gio Ponti D.154.2 Armchair
    Gio Ponti D.154.2 Armchair

  4. Gio Ponti D.552.2 Small Table
    Gio Ponti D.552.2 Small Table

  5. Gio Ponti Drawer Units
    Gio Ponti Drawer Units

  6. Gio Ponti Frames
    Gio Ponti Frames

  7. Gio Ponti Montecatini Chair
    Gio Ponti Montecatini Chair

  8. Gio Ponti Rug
    Gio Ponti Rug

  9. Gio Ponti Small Table
    Gio Ponti Small Table

  10. Molteni 10°/Mensola Shelf
    Molteni 10°/Mensola Shelf

  11. Molteni 505 Storage
    Molteni 505 Storage

  12. Molteni Alfa Dining Chair
    Molteni Alfa Dining Chair

  13. Molteni Arc Dining Table
    Molteni Arc Dining Table

  14. Molteni Chelsea Armchair
    Molteni Chelsea Armchair

  15. Molteni Controra Armchair
    Molteni Controra Armchair

  16. Molteni Fortepiano System
    Molteni Fortepiano System

  17. Molteni Francine Armchair
    Molteni Francine Armchair

  18. Molteni Mandrague Chair
    Molteni Mandrague Chair

  19. Molteni Master Wardrobe Interiors
    Molteni Master Wardrobe Interiors

  20. Molteni Master-45 Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-45 Door Wardrobe

  21. Molteni Master-A Filo Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-A Filo Door Wardrobe

  22. Molteni Master-Deep Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-Deep Door Wardrobe

  23. Molteni Master-Grip Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-Grip Door Wardrobe

  24. Molteni Master-Plaster Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-Plaster Door Wardrobe

  25. Molteni Master-Skin Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-Skin Door Wardrobe

  26. Molteni Master-Strip Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-Strip Door Wardrobe

  27. Molteni Master-Window Door Wardrobe
    Molteni Master-Window Door Wardrobe

  28. Molteni Portfolio PL111 Armchair
    Molteni Portfolio PL111 Armchair

  29. Molteni Portfolio Sofa
    Molteni Portfolio Sofa

  30. Molteni Quake Small Table
    Molteni Quake Small Table