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Founded by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers in 2001, Moooi is renowned for its collections of lighting, furniture and accessories that are playful, unique and daring. 


  1. Moooi Bell Pendant
    Moooi Bell Pendant
  2. Moooi Chalice Pendant
    Moooi Chalice Pendant
  3. Moooi Coppelia Pendant
    Moooi Coppelia Pendant
  4. Moooi Dear Ingo Pendant
    Moooi Dear Ingo Pendant
  5. Moooi Heracleum II Pendant
    Moooi Heracleum II Pendant
  6. Moooi Heracleum The Big O
    Moooi Heracleum The Big O
  7. Moooi Horse Light
    Moooi Horse Light
  8. Moooi Meshmatics Chandelier
    Moooi Meshmatics Chandelier
  9. Moooi Non Random Light
    Moooi Non Random Light
  10. Moooi NR2 Floor Lamp
    Moooi NR2 Floor Lamp
  11. Moooi NR2 Pendant
    Moooi NR2 Pendant
  12. Moooi Perch Floor Light
    Moooi Perch Floor Light
  13. Moooi Perch Table Light
    Moooi Perch Table Light
  14. Moooi Perch Wall Light
    Moooi Perch Wall Light
  15. Moooi Pet Lamp
    Moooi Pet Lamp
  16. Moooi Rabbit Light
    Moooi Rabbit Light
  17. Moooi Raimond Pendant
    Moooi Raimond Pendant
  18. Moooi Random Pendant
    Moooi Random Pendant
  19. Moooi Smoke Chair
    Moooi Smoke Chair
  20. Moooi Statistocrat Floor Light
    Moooi Statistocrat Floor Light