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The lighting design firm Nemo is one of the global leaders in lighting, striving to constantly create innovative, cutting edge designs. Founded in Milan in 1993, Nemo represents a benchmark name with regards to innovation and Italian design.

  1. Nemo AM1N Table Light
    Nemo AM1N Table Light
  2. Nemo AM2C Floor Light
    Nemo AM2C Floor Light
  3. Nemo AM2Z Floor Light
    Nemo AM2Z Floor Light
  4. Nemo Anita Pendant
    Nemo Anita Pendant
  5. Nemo Ara Floor Light
    Nemo Ara Floor Light
  6. Nemo AS1C Table Light
    Nemo AS1C Table Light
  7. Nemo Asteroide Pendant
    Nemo Asteroide Pendant
  8. Nemo Borne Breton Grande
    Nemo Borne Breton Grande
  9. Nemo Claritas Floor Light
    Nemo Claritas Floor Light
  10. Nemo Crown Floor Light
    Nemo Crown Floor Light
  11. Nemo Crown Major Pendant
    Nemo Crown Major Pendant
  12. Nemo Crown Minor Pendant
    Nemo Crown Minor Pendant
  13. Nemo Crown Plana Linea Pendant
    Nemo Crown Plana Linea Pendant
  14. Nemo Crown Plana Major Pendant
    Nemo Crown Plana Major Pendant
  15. Nemo Crown Plana Minor Pendant
    Nemo Crown Plana Minor Pendant
  16. Nemo Crown Plana Pendant
    Nemo Crown Plana Pendant
  17. Nemo Kepler Pendant
    Nemo Kepler Pendant
  18. Nemo Kuta Wall Lamp
    Nemo Kuta Wall Lamp
  19. Nemo Linescapes Floor Light
    Nemo Linescapes Floor Light
  20. Nemo Logo Floor Light
    Nemo Logo Floor Light
  21. Nemo Maga Pendant Light
    Nemo Maga Pendant Light
  22. Nemo Olympia Applique
    Nemo Olympia Applique
  23. Nemo Panama Table Light
    Nemo Panama Table Light
  24. Nemo Parliament Floor Light
    Nemo Parliament Floor Light
  25. Nemo Potence Pivotante
    Nemo Potence Pivotante