Founded in Valencia in 1980, Punt (formally Puntmobles) was created by furniture designers who had a love of design aesthetics and the desire to find solutions to everyday problems. The brand has grown ever since, producing beautiful contemporary furniture, worthy of inclusion in some of the most renowned design collections in the world.

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  1. Punt Bass Table
    Punt Bass Table

  2. Punt Breda Armchair
    Punt Breda Armchair

  3. Punt Denia Table
    Punt Denia Table

  4. Punt ELX Coat Hanger
    Punt ELX Coat Hanger

  5. Punt Flak Bench
    Punt Flak Bench

  6. Punt Maeda Table
    Punt Maeda Table

  7. Punt Mai Tai Trolley
    Punt Mai Tai Trolley

  8. Punt Mava Armchair
    Punt Mava Armchair

  9. Punt Mitis Table
    Punt Mitis Table

  10. Punt Nido Nesting Tables
    Punt Nido Nesting Tables

  11. Punt Slats Sideboard
    Punt Slats Sideboard

  12. Punt Stockholm Dresser
    Punt Stockholm Dresser

  13. Punt Stockholm Sideboard
    Punt Stockholm Sideboard

  14. Punt Sussex Sideboard
    Punt Sussex Sideboard

  15. Punt Transalpina Table
    Punt Transalpina Table

  16. Punt Whisky Stools
    Punt Whisky Stools

  17. Punt Xabia Mirror
    Punt Xabia Mirror

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  • 17 Items