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Resident is a progressive design and manufacturing company from New Zealand. Established in 2011, Resident combines an authentic blend of craft, engineering and innovation to produce a refined collection of furniture and lighting. Drawing from the eclectic inspirations of a select group of designers, Resident uses a range of high quality materials and processes to produce iconic, practical and dependable products.
  1. Resident Bloom Pendant
    Resident Bloom Pendant
  2. Resident Cross Pendant
    Resident Cross Pendant
  3. Resident Echo Spot Pendant
    Resident Echo Spot Pendant
  4. Resident Felix Chair
    Resident Felix Chair
  5. Resident Fibre Light Bottle
    Resident Fibre Light Bottle
  6. Resident Fibre Light Funnel
    Resident Fibre Light Funnel
  7. Resident Foundry Floor Lamp
    Resident Foundry Floor Lamp
  8. Resident Hex 750 Brass Pendant
    Resident Hex 750 Brass Pendant
  9. Resident Hex Pendant
    Resident Hex Pendant
  10. Resident Mesh Space Pendant
    Resident Mesh Space Pendant
  11. Resident Midnight Pendant
    Resident Midnight Pendant
  12. Resident Odin Chair
    Resident Odin Chair
  13. Resident Offset Coffee Table
    Resident Offset Coffee Table
  14. Resident Offset Stool
    Resident Offset Stool
  15. Resident Oud Table Lamp
    Resident Oud Table Lamp
  16. Resident Scholar Bar Leaner
    Resident Scholar Bar Leaner
  17. Resident Scholar Table
    Resident Scholar Table
  18. Resident Spar Floor Light
    Resident Spar Floor Light
  19. Resident Studio Chair
    Resident Studio Chair
  20. Resident Tangerine Stool
    Resident Tangerine Stool
  21. Resident Tri Pendant
    Resident Tri Pendant
  22. Resident V Wall Light
    Resident V Wall Light