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Ritzwell is a Japanese manufacturer of upholstered furniture that has been associated with superior quality materials, the highest level of craftsmanship and research since 1992. Ritzwell designs are based on organic modernism that combines a balanced, simple form with all the beauty and grace of the materials. The company's production facility is based in Fukuoka (on the northern coast of Kyushu); it has three showrooms, located in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, and a worldwide distribution network.

  1. Ritzwell Beatrix Lounge Chair
    Ritzwell Beatrix Lounge Chair
  2. Ritzwell Beatrix Ottoman
    Ritzwell Beatrix Ottoman
  3. Ritzwell Blava Easy Chair
    Ritzwell Blava Easy Chair
  4. Ritzwell Blava Ottoman
    Ritzwell Blava Ottoman
  5. Ritzwell Claude Armchair
    Ritzwell Claude Armchair
  6. Ritzwell Claude Chair
    Ritzwell Claude Chair
  7. Ritzwell Claude Lounge Chair
    Ritzwell Claude Lounge Chair
  8. Ritzwell Jabara Sideboard
    Ritzwell Jabara Sideboard
  9. Ritzwell Lupin Lounge Chair
    Ritzwell Lupin Lounge Chair
  10. Ritzwell Marcel Chair
    Ritzwell Marcel Chair
  11. Ritzwell MCM Dining Table
    Ritzwell MCM Dining Table
  12. Ritzwell MO Coffee Table
    Ritzwell MO Coffee Table
  13. Ritzwell Rivage Dining Chair
    Ritzwell Rivage Dining Chair
  14. Ritzwell Vincent Stool
    Ritzwell Vincent Stool