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Rubnis is a premium Swedish lighting company whose lamps are inspired by traditional Danish and Swedish designs. Each lamp is manufactured in-house and each part of the making process is done by hand by skilled craftsmen. The result is a collection made to the highest standards, combining aesthetics, durability and quality.

  1. Rubn Astoria Floor Light
    Rubn Astoria Floor Light
  2. Rubn Astoria Table Lamp
    Rubn Astoria Table Lamp
  3. Rubn Bolero Pendant
    Rubn Bolero Pendant
  4. Rubn James Clip Desk Lamp
    Rubn James Clip Desk Lamp
  5. Rubn James Floor Light
    Rubn James Floor Light
  6. Rubn James Table Lamp
    Rubn James Table Lamp
  7. Rubn Lektor Desk Lamp
    Rubn Lektor Desk Lamp
  8. Rubn Lektor Floor Lamp
    Rubn Lektor Floor Lamp
  9. Rubn Long John Pendant
    Rubn Long John Pendant
  10. Rubn Miller Floor Lamp
    Rubn Miller Floor Lamp
  11. Rubn Miller Swing Wall Lamp
    Rubn Miller Swing Wall Lamp
  12. Rubn Miller Table Lamp
    Rubn Miller Table Lamp
  13. Rubn Nomad Floor Lamp
    Rubn Nomad Floor Lamp
  14. Rubn Vouge Table Light
    Rubn Vouge Table Light
  15. Rubn Vox Pendant
    Rubn Vox Pendant