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With its passion for innovation, Serralunga is renowned for the design of sculptural planters, furniture and lights that are perfect for interior design or outdoor living.
  1. Serralunga Alice Table
    Serralunga Alice Table
  2. Serralunga Baba Floor Lamp
    Serralunga Baba Floor Lamp
  3. Serralunga Camelia Pot
    Serralunga Camelia Pot
  4. Serralunga Cone Vase
    Serralunga Cone Vase
  5. Serralunga Flame Lamp
    Serralunga Flame Lamp
  6. Serralunga Inorbita Pot
    Serralunga Inorbita Pot
  7. Serralunga Kabin Pots
    Serralunga Kabin Pots
  8. Serralunga Lluna Planter
    Serralunga Lluna Planter
  9. Serralunga Marcantonio Pot
    Serralunga Marcantonio Pot
  10. Serralunga Memory Pot
    Serralunga Memory Pot
  11. Serralunga Ming High Family
    Serralunga Ming High Family
  12. Serralunga Ming Pots
    Serralunga Ming Pots
  13. Serralunga New Pot
    Serralunga New Pot
  14. Serralunga Pisa Vase
    Serralunga Pisa Vase
  15. Serralunga The Vases
    Serralunga The Vases