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Sovet has been a leading designer of fine Italian glass furniture since the 80’s. The brand is renowned for its distinctive design, high-quality craftsmanship and its strong commitment to eco-sustainability.
Its offerings include ranges of high-end glass tables, desks, and mirrors.

  1. Sovet Boston Mirror
    Sovet Boston Mirror
  2. Sovet Bridge Coffee Table
    Sovet Bridge Coffee Table
  3. Sovet Bugatti Lounge Chair
    Sovet Bugatti Lounge Chair
  4. Sovet Drops of Dew Mirror
    Sovet Drops of Dew Mirror
  5. Sovet Frog Coffee Table
    Sovet Frog Coffee Table
  6. Sovet Nest Case
    Sovet Nest Case
  7. Sovet Nest Wall Case
    Sovet Nest Wall Case
  8. Sovet Nido Low Table
    Sovet Nido Low Table
  9. Sovet Quadro Coffee Table
    Sovet Quadro Coffee Table
  10. Sovet Regolo Console
    Sovet Regolo Console
  11. Sovet Regolo Dining Table
    Sovet Regolo Dining Table
  12. Sovet Sail Mirror
    Sovet Sail Mirror
  13. Sovet Visual Mirror
    Sovet Visual Mirror
  14. Sovet Visual Round Mirror
    Sovet Visual Round Mirror
  15. Sovet Visual Square Mirror
    Sovet Visual Square Mirror