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STUA is a Spanish design furniture manufacturer that offers a contemporary collection of chairs, tables, stools, storage, lounge and outdoor furniture. The STUA collection is suitable for residential use or commercial environments.
The work of STUA is conceived and executed at an extraordinarily high level of aesthetic and engineering detail, creating innovative and original pieces of furniture. 

  1. STUA Costura Armchair
    STUA Costura Armchair
  2. STUA Costura Ottoman
    STUA Costura Ottoman
  3. STUA Costura Sofa
    STUA Costura Sofa
  4. STUA Deneb Stool & Bench
    STUA Deneb Stool & Bench
  5. STUA Deneb Table
    STUA Deneb Table
  6. STUA Eclipse Nesting Table
    STUA Eclipse Nesting Table
  7. STUA Gas Armchair
    STUA Gas Armchair
  8. STUA Gas Auto-Return Chair
    STUA Gas Auto-Return Chair
  9. STUA Gas Chair
    STUA Gas Chair
  10. STUA Gas Task Chair
    STUA Gas Task Chair
  11. STUA Globus Chair
    STUA Globus Chair
  12. STUA Laclasica Chair
    STUA Laclasica Chair
  13. STUA Lau Rectangular Table
    STUA Lau Rectangular Table
  14. STUA Lau Round Table
    STUA Lau Round Table
  15. STUA Malena Armchair
    STUA Malena Armchair
  16. STUA Nube Armchair
    STUA Nube Armchair
  17. STUA Onda Stool
    STUA Onda Stool
  18. STUA Onda Stool White Shell
    STUA Onda Stool White Shell
  19. STUA Sapporo Storage Unit
    STUA Sapporo Storage Unit
  20. STUA Solapa Sofa Table
    STUA Solapa Sofa Table