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Tacchini strives to improve the quality of resi­den­tial and public spaces through impec­ca­bly made furni­ture. Its offer­ings empha­size flex­i­bil­ity and versa­til­ity with a number of modular systems that can be customized for differ­ent envi­ron­ments. Addi­tion­ally, its wide-ranging collec­tion of uphol­stered seating shares a common aesthetic language, making it easy for design­ers to mix and match pieces. Tacchini prod­ucts have been spec­i­fied in high-end hospi­tal­ity and corpo­rate projects around the world.

  1. Girola Armchair
    Girola Armchair
  2. Tacchini Coot Table
    Tacchini Coot Table
  3. Tacchini Girola Armchair
    Tacchini Girola Armchair
  4. Tacchini Glide Chair
    Tacchini Glide Chair
  5. Tacchini Havana Sofabed
    Tacchini Havana Sofabed
  6. Tacchini Isola Chair
    Tacchini Isola Chair
  7. Tacchini Joaquim Low Table
    Tacchini Joaquim Low Table
  8. Tacchini Labanca Table
    Tacchini Labanca Table
  9. Tacchini Ledge Table
    Tacchini Ledge Table
  10. Tacchini Lima Sofa Family
    Tacchini Lima Sofa Family
  11. Tacchini Memory Lane Chair
    Tacchini Memory Lane Chair
  12. Tacchini Moon Armchair
    Tacchini Moon Armchair
  13. Tacchini Polar Low Table
    Tacchini Polar Low Table
  14. Tacchini Quilt Sofa
    Tacchini Quilt Sofa
  15. Tacchini Ruler
    Tacchini Ruler
  16. Tacchini Sancarlo Armchair
    Tacchini Sancarlo Armchair
  17. Tacchini Sancarlo Sofa
    Tacchini Sancarlo Sofa
  18. Tacchini Slalom Chaise-Longue
    Tacchini Slalom Chaise-Longue
  19. Tacchini Sliding Sofabed
    Tacchini Sliding Sofabed
  20. Tacchini Soap Low Table
    Tacchini Soap Low Table
  21. Tacchini SouthBeach Armchair
    Tacchini SouthBeach Armchair
  22. Tacchini Spin Ottoman
    Tacchini Spin Ottoman
  23. Tacchini Split Table
    Tacchini Split Table