Founded in 1947 by a Basque family, Treku is one of Spain's leading organisations with regard to contemporary design furniture. Treku have developed a timeless range of classic products with a meticulous selection of materials and finishes.

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  1. Treku Aura S4 Sideboard
    Treku Aura S4 Sideboard

  2. Treku Aura S3 Sideboard
    Treku Aura S3 Sideboard

  3. Treku Aura S2 Sideboard
    Treku Aura S2 Sideboard

  4. Treku Aura High Sideboard
    Treku Aura High Sideboard

  5. Treku Lore Coffee Table
    Treku Lore Coffee Table

  6. Treku Lau Shelving
    Treku Lau Shelving

  7. Treku Lauki Drawer units
    Treku Lauki Drawer units

  8. Treku Ober Drawer Units
    Treku Ober Drawer Units

  9. Treku Kabi Coffee Tables
    Treku Kabi Coffee Tables

  10. Treku Lauki Bedside units
    Treku Lauki Bedside units

  11. Treku Aise Rectangular Table
    Treku Aise Rectangular Table

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  • 11 Items