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Zanotta has been making landmark contributions to the design industry for over six decades. Founded by Aurelio Zanotta in 1954, Italian furniture group Zanotta worked with top designers such as Achille Castiglioni, Marco Zanuso and Gae Aulenti, creating some of the most iconic furniture pieces of the Sixties. The company continues to be one of the most prestigious furniture brands with a strong emphasis on quality, innovation and design.

  1. Zanotta Arabesco Coffee Table
    Zanotta Arabesco Coffee Table
  2. Zanotta Ardea Armchair
    Zanotta Ardea Armchair
  3. Zanotta Butterfly Table
    Zanotta Butterfly Table
  4. Zanotta Cavour Desk
    Zanotta Cavour Desk
  5. Zanotta Derby Chair
    Zanotta Derby Chair
  6. Zanotta Greg Bed
    Zanotta Greg Bed
  7. Zanotta Ido Stool
    Zanotta Ido Stool
  8. Zanotta Lama Lounge Chair
    Zanotta Lama Lounge Chair
  9. Zanotta Mezzadro Stool
    Zanotta Mezzadro Stool
  10. Zanotta Milo Mirror
    Zanotta Milo Mirror
  11. Zanotta Niobe 671
    Zanotta Niobe 671
  12. Zanotta Niobe 672
    Zanotta Niobe 672
  13. Zanotta Raperonzolo Mirror
    Zanotta Raperonzolo Mirror
  14. Zanotta Santelia
    Zanotta Santelia
  15. Zanotta Servonotte
    Zanotta Servonotte
  16. Zanotta Susanna Armchair
    Zanotta Susanna Armchair
  17. Zanotta Talamo Bed 1883/2
    Zanotta Talamo Bed 1883/2
  18. Zanotta Tonietta Chair
    Zanotta Tonietta Chair
  19. Zanotta Tweed Table
    Zanotta Tweed Table
  20. Zanotta William Armchair
    Zanotta William Armchair
  21. Zanotta William Sofa
    Zanotta William Sofa