Alias’ story began in 1979 with Giandomenico Belotti’s “spaghetti chair”, a chair which was one of Alias’ first creations to become part of the MoMA collection in New York.
The company’s design and materials research reached an important point in 2004 with “layout", a system of containers designed by Michele De Lucchi.
2007 marked the extension of the outdoor range, with: “plein air” by Alfredo Häberli, “teak” by Alberto Meda and “open system” by James Irvine. The offer was completed with “ghisa” designed by Riccardo Blumer, and the “dehors” collection of armchairs and sofas by Michele De Lucchi.
In 2009, Alias extended its range of tables with the “biplane” collection by Alberto Meda and the “stabiles” collection by Alfredo Häberli. Furthermore the research of new design for chairs continues with the office chair “norma” by Michele De Lucchi