Showroom COVID-19 update
The wellbeing of our staff and customers is important, and as such we are currently operating on an appointment basis only. To book your showroom visit, call our team on 0115 9657920 or email in advance and a member of our team will arrange a convenient time and day.


  1. &Tradition Catch Chair JH15
    &Tradition Catch Chair JH15
  2. &Tradition Fly SC1 Armchair
    &Tradition Fly SC1 Armchair
  3. &Tradition Isole NN1 Armchair
    &Tradition Isole NN1 Armchair
  4. &Tradition SC23 Lounge Chair
    &Tradition SC23 Lounge Chair
  5. Arper Saya Chair
    Arper Saya Chair
  6. Arper Saya Chair - Chromed
    Arper Saya Chair - Chromed
  7. Arper Saya Sled Base Chair
    Arper Saya Sled Base Chair
  8. Artek Domus Chair
    Artek Domus Chair
  9. Artek Domus Lounge Chair
    Artek Domus Lounge Chair
  10. Artek HK 002 Lounge Chair
    Artek HK 002 Lounge Chair
  11. Artek K65 High Chair
    Artek K65 High Chair
  12. Artek Pirkka Chair
    Artek Pirkka Chair
  13. Artifort Rocking Chair
    Artifort Rocking Chair
  14. Bensen Canyon Chair
    Bensen Canyon Chair
  15. Bensen Delta Club Chair
    Bensen Delta Club Chair
  16. Bensen Lite Armchair
    Bensen Lite Armchair
  17. Bensen Lo-Turn Chair
    Bensen Lo-Turn Chair
  18. Bensen Lotus Chair
    Bensen Lotus Chair
  19. Bensen Metro Chair
    Bensen Metro Chair
  20. Bensen Park Lounge Chair
    Bensen Park Lounge Chair