Showroom COVID-19 update
The wellbeing of our staff and customers is important, and as such we are currently operating on an appointment basis only. To book your showroom visit, call our team on 0115 9657920 or email in advance and a member of our team will arrange a convenient time and day.


We offer a range of contemporary rugs to suit your interior. Choose from; 100% wool based rugs with accents of viscose for light-catching accents, hand-tufted rugs with a generous pile that’s hardwearing underfoot, super soft viscose rugs loomed by hand. Or the more traditional inspired Moroccan and decorative Kilim rugs.

A well-chosen rug is the best way to make an instant and dramatic difference to your room. Whether you’re looking to add colour, texture or just comfort for underfoot. Browse our brands including Linie Design, Fabula and Kasthall.

  1. &Tradition The Moor AP5 and AP7 Rug
    &Tradition The Moor AP5 and AP7 Rug
    £1,024.25 £1,205.00
  2. &Tradition The Moor AP6 and AP8 Rug
    &Tradition The Moor AP6 and AP8 Rug
    £1,334.50 £1,570.00
  3. Fabula Living Balder Rug
    Fabula Living Balder Rug
    £449.65 £529.00
  4. Fabula Living Camelia Rug
    Fabula Living Camelia Rug
    £752.25 £885.00
  5. Fabula Living Fenris Rug
    Fabula Living Fenris Rug
    £390.15 £459.00
  6. Fabula Living Gimle Rug
    Fabula Living Gimle Rug
    £390.15 £459.00
  7. Fabula Living New Freja Rug
    Fabula Living New Freja Rug
    £390.15 £459.00
  8. Fabula Living Odin Rug
    Fabula Living Odin Rug
    £1,656.65 £1,949.00
  9. Fabula Living Poppy Rug
    Fabula Living Poppy Rug
    £262.65 £309.00
  10. Fabula Living Tanne Rug
    Fabula Living Tanne Rug
    £449.65 £529.00
  11. Fabula Living Thor Rug
    Fabula Living Thor Rug
    £692.75 £815.00
  12. Gio Ponti Rug
    Gio Ponti Rug
  13. Hay Colour Carpet
    Hay Colour Carpet
    £602.65 £709.00
  14. Hay Pinocchio Rug
    Hay Pinocchio Rug
    £208.25 £245.00
  15. HAY Shaggy Rug
    HAY Shaggy Rug
    £199.75 £235.00
  16. Kasthall Classic Rug
    Kasthall Classic Rug
  17. Kasthall Doris Rug
    Kasthall Doris Rug
  18. Kasthall Esther Rug
    Kasthall Esther Rug
  19. Kasthall Greta Rug
    Kasthall Greta Rug
  20. Kasthall Moss Rug
    Kasthall Moss Rug
  21. Kasthall Rita Rug
    Kasthall Rita Rug
  22. Linie Design Acacia Rug
    Linie Design Acacia Rug
    £273.70 £322.00
  23. Linie Design Aimi Rug
    Linie Design Aimi Rug
    £461.55 £543.00
  24. Linie Design Ajo Rug
    Linie Design Ajo Rug
    £204.00 £240.00
  25. Linie Design Almeria Rug
    Linie Design Almeria Rug
    £601.80 £708.00
  26. Linie Design Ambition Leather Rug
    Linie Design Ambition Leather Rug
    £501.50 £590.00
  27. Linie Design Arco Rug
    Linie Design Arco Rug
    £478.55 £563.00
  28. Linie Design Arctic Rug
    Linie Design Arctic Rug
    £391.00 £460.00
  29. Linie Design Ardesia Rug
    Linie Design Ardesia Rug
    £336.60 £396.00
  30. Linie Design Arguto Rug
    Linie Design Arguto Rug
    £290.70 £342.00